SIERC's CEO and associates have produced an impressive list of publications - from books, articles and reviews to published speeches on a range of subjects. Here are a few published and forthcoming publications.


Doom Scrolling, Big Tech and Public Policy: The Long View

Dr. Laurence B. Mussio & Dr. Dimitry Anastakis, Wilson/Currie Chair in Canadian Business History, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Published in The Globe and Mail, 28 September 2020

“Anybody that “doom scrolls” Twitter or any other social media platform might be tempted to believe that Winston Smith, the tortured protagonist of Nineteen Eighty-Four, might see in our own moment strong parallels to his own archetypal dystopia.” Yet The article notes we have the power - the human agency - to change things.


How Economics Tested Positive for COVID-19

Dr. Laurence B. Mussio, & Douglas J. Porter, CFA, Chief Economist and Managing Director, BMO Financial Group
Published in The Globe and Mail, 23 September 2020

“The pandemic experience points us toward an approach that embraces a greater interdisciplinary perspective – one that current models were not designed to provide.”


How the Pandemic is Changing Views on Financial Risk

Dr. Laurence B. Mussio
Published in The Globe and Mail, 13 September 2020

“In finance, the pandemic has demonstrated the value of, and the need for, human judgment in an increasingly algorithm-driven sector.”

Whom Fortune Favours: The Bank of Montreal and the Rise of North American Finance.

Volume 1: A Dominion of Capital, 1817-1945.
Volume 2: Territories of Transformation, 1946-2017.

Laurence B. Mussio
McGill-Queen’s University Press, April 2020
This second title in the Bank of Montreal historical series provides the definitive, scholarly history of one of the North Atlantic world's oldest and most consequential financial institutions.


À qui la fortune sourit: La banque de Montréal et l'essor financier de L'Amérique du Nord, Volume 1 & 2.

Volume 1: Un Dominion et des capitaux, 1817-1945
Volume 2: Domaines en mutation, 1946-2017

Laurence B. Mussio
McGill-Queen’s University Press, April 2020


Why executives need the long-run view

Laurence B. Mussio
Published in The Globe and Mail, 27 December 2019


Big Tech: Monopoly’s Second Moment?

The Hon. Dr. Kevin G. Lynch, P.C., O.C., PH.D, LL.D, and
Dr. Laurence B. Mussio

Published in Policy: Canadian Politics and Public Policy, 13 May 2019

A Vision Greater than Themselves: The Making of the Bank of Montreal, 1817-2017

Laurence B. Mussio

“Examining an astonishing range of material, A Vision Greater than Themselves celebrates the evolution of one bank and how it made its mark.”


Un destin plus grand que soi: L’histoire de la Banque de Montréal de 1817 à 2017

Laurence B. Mussio

“À partir d’une gamme incroyablement vaste de documents, Un destin plus grand que soi célèbre l’évolution d’une banque et la manière dont elle a laissé sa marque.”


The Vision Greater Series: The Making of the Bank of Montreal and the Places that Shaped Canada's First Bank. Speeches in Honour of the Bicentennial of Bank of Montreal

Laurence B. Mussio
This publication reproduces some of the keynote addresses Dr. Mussio made across the North Atlantic world to mark the bicentennial of BMO Bank of Montreal. It was made available internally to the Bank’s 46,000 employees December 2017. A limited number of special edition hard copies were also produced to accompany the publication.

Becoming Bell: The Remarkable Story of a Canadian Enterprise

Laurence B. Mussio
Published by BCE

“Written to be accessible and engaging while telling an important story, this history of Bell reached over 75,000 people and was widely praised as a model of its genre.”

Sun Ascendant: A History of Sun Life of Canada

Laurence B. Mussio
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2001

“Profoundly well researched ... the best history of a Canadian financial institution written to date. Sun Ascendant is a major contribution to business history, both in this country and internationally” - Professor Ben Forster

Telecom Nation: Telecommunications, Computers, and Governments in Canada

Laurence B. Mussio
McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2001

“Telecom Nation makes an important contribution to telecommunications history in Canada” - Jean-Guy Rens


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